Monday, June 18, 2012

Smart Electric Drive production launched

The production of the Smart car in its fully electric version has started in the existing Smart plant of Hambach, a city located in the East of France, close to the German border.

Two versions will be available from the start : Coupe & Convertible

Good news: High prices announced for Germany during my test drive in Sept 2010 (30-35 KEUR!) are way reduced and, that's a good thing, are starting around 19 KEUR:
- Smart ED: 18,910 EUR + 65 EUR/month
- Smart ED Cabrio: 22,000 EUR + 65 EUR/month

You can also purchase the battery pack for 4,770 EUR, which brings the total prices to:
- Smart ED: 23,680 EUR
- Smart ED Cabrio: 26,770 EUR

In France we should have the prices - with or without battery pack purchase - and we will be able to deduct the government 5,000 EUR (limited to 20% of the price) super bonus incentive for fully electric cars, which brings the entry model down to 15,128 EUR
This price is above, but close to the Mia Electric prices

Hambach plant: Smart ForTwo ED production (long detailed video)

Battery pack in the car assembly line

RWE charge station with charge cable

Coupe (ForTwo Coupé)

Convertible (ForTwo Cabrio for Cabriolet)

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