Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Renault to install 1000 Quick Chargers in France

Renault wants to install 1000 Quick Chargers in France

ZOE and its cameleon charger should be able to handle this kind of charger and is coming out soon here

Renault is also providing an iPhone App called "Renault Z.E. Plug Quest" where you can vote for future Quick Chargers locations !


  1. Good news!

    I hope ZOE will be a major hit! Twizy is selling well, even 1,000 were sold in Germany since March!

    And a program is developed to introduce Twizy based mobility in towns (you can make a news about it) :)

    1. Hi Hey,
      I think it will be, mainly because of its price : 15,700 EUR + battery pach rental of 79 EUR/month is quite good; If the quick charge infrastructures are there too, I don't see why it shouldn't be a big hit
      I read that more than 1100 were booked for now in France, which is a lot...
      We'll see :-)

      About Twizy, yes I read yesterday a program will be laucnhed sson in Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France

  2. I didn't have the information about the rentals. Looks good. I hope there'll be a similar buzz with this car similar to the one with Twizy. It's not just a car, it's a halo to change Renault's image I think.

    They can even create a special version dedicated to Autolib'-like system.

    Meanwhile Toyota is moving to offer hybrid system on all its line, Aygo and iQ included.

    1. Well it is actually 79 EUR/month for a 36 month contract
      I think it is a good car, rather compact, urban, cheap, looks cool, they really did a good job
      As for hybrids, to me it's already the past ....

    2. Hybrids for me has a brighter future than pure electric cars since batteries are expensive have a short range and have no revolutionnary design (Tesla battery got 4,000 elements! Crazy complex stuff.)

      Prius is making in May in Japan 20% of the sales... Electric cars are far behind.

      Plug-in hybrids is perfect : enough autonomy for average day-to-day use and still a classic ICE for long range. Combining the two prime movers.

      Plus ICE engines has a brighter future: they progress faster than batteries and revolutions are on the way like the TurboSteamer and the almighty quasi mystical DiesOtto.

      I love electric cars but my reason wins over my emotions here...

    3. Hey,

      I do not share this point of view at all
      I understand you feel this way, as many people will probably do, coming from gasoline/diesel cars, as I once did (I owned a Prius II from 2004 to 2011, added a PHEV kit into it, had a Prius Plugin before it came out, etc )
      My idea is more radical and I did apply it to me and my family, that is to get out of the gas system, and it works; We did jump into fully electric and are happy about it
      We have changed very little of our habits (for big journeys we use train) but it was not a big deal

    4. I'm all bout electric once again. A brighter future for electric cars is coming in the sharing option because of the initial price.

      It is a tricky subject since electric cars cost less on the long run because classic thermal cars have some parts to be changed and all that.

      There are several options to push for electric cars outside of sharing systems like allowing only cleaner cars in the centre of the city and having a big limitations on cars emissions in general. Having some arrondissements in Paris running only on electric with hybrids and plug-ins would be great along with hybrid buses and tramways (collective transport will get only bigger).

      But like I say you don't change an industry in only a few years. BMW in only 10 years has boosted its cars in an impressive ways : -25% CO2 emissions, -30% fuel consumption and +15% horse power!

      It's going faster than technical progress in batteries technologies.

      The two technologies will get along and electric cars industry will grow more and more I'm convinced of that, we just need to wait to have a mass-produced affordable car with long range batteries.

      I don't claim your choice is bad of course (it's pretty cool that's why I'm here) but prices will drive the change more than vision, which few people have the material and intellectual means.

      ZOE will lead hopefully the progress :)

    5. Thanks for that :-)
      You are right, the price has to come down, and it is with Zoe, I am still amazed by this entry price tag of 15,700 EUR ! How did they do that ? They must be loosing money in the beginning ... Or they plan on selling really a lot, I just hope it works for them
      The only down side I think is the different point of view in Quick Charging infrastructure, Renault installing ACFC and Nissan DCFC... too many standards is going to cause problems... and we don't need any to jump start EVs

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