Thursday, June 28, 2012

REFUEL 2012 - Clean Power Motorsports Event @ Laguna Seca

What are you doing on Sunday ?

REFUEL 2012 is the 4th annual Clean Power Motorsports Event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for all Electric Cars and Motorcycles. Several members of SF BayLEAFs will be there, driving their LEAFs on the track, and while it is too late to sign-up for track time, it should be a great spectator event with all sorts of 2 and 4 wheel performance, prototype, experimental, and production EVs trying their skill on one of the world's most challenging racetracks.

The Tony Williams BC2BC car will be there on its return trip from Canada, and SF BayLEAFs has worked with Nissan to provide one of their mobile DC QC units for free quick charges at the track. A special guest for the event will be one of the Nissan LEAF Durability Engineers from their Arizona Testing Facility. He is entered to race that day, and would enjoy talking to SF BayLEAF members about how their cars are doing, and EVs in general.

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