Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nieuwe Elektrische Boot - Electric Speed Boat Conversion in Amsterdam !

Warning : This is very cool & You will want one :-)
Anne Kloppenborg of Amsterdam converted a Glastron 174-V Bayflite speed boat to electric drive and shot few videos of it, and it is awesome !

More videos on his Youtube Channel

More info about this project:

The Team with the electric boat powerplant

Pictures on the water:

That's the "EV Grin" 

Very efficient and powerfull conversion

Soliton One controller

Boat transmission

Anne Kloppenberg and his partner were invited last year on EVTV, as candidates & finalists of the "EVTV Build Your Dream Contest", and talked about this project of converting a boat to electric drive:

More pictures on the Soliton 1 controller manufacturer's website Evnetics

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