Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New 24V LiFePO4 Charger arrived from China

I finally received my new 24V 10A LiFePO4 charger from BikBattery in China last night (great customer contact with Sammon Nie who followed the traking with me many times) , and used right away to finish charging my battery pack after a few checks: polarities on the XLR plug, ON/OFF switch, charger relay

220-240VAC / 24V / 10A

Resuming battery pack charging but this time @ 10A (See the Analog Ampmeter)

Voltage goes up much faster with this one, so I checked very often the charge status of each group of cells 

And the switch from Constant Current to Constant Voltage happened around 28V: Current decreased slowly from there, here is is @ 7A and going down
NB: I had a slight problem with a group of cells that went much higher faster than the others, and I will have to split their cells into lower voltage groups tonight (that means I will have to re-bottom balance the whole pack another time...)

Voltage continues rising slowly and Current dicreases too: here @ 4A
Shortly after that point, I stopped the charge by turning OFF the charger, because I don't want this group of cells to stay high too long as voltage as not reached 29.2V target voltage and the charger is still pushing 4A

Close up on the Charger line Ampmeter and Battery Pack Volmeter

After that, to make the voltage go down, I turned ON my Grid Tie Inverters fro like 30 minutes and they were pushing 500W back into my home grid, reducing consumption (water heater and TV were ON at that time)

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