Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mia Electric Test Drive

Last saturday I was lucky to be able to finally test the Mia Electric !
I received an email from a sales person at Mia Electric, inviting me to come to Designers Days exhibition in Pantin, a city next to Paris (North Est). I went with my son and there we saw, on along with this artists exhibiton, two Mia: One customized by the team of artitsts calling themwelves Cocotte-Power and one belonging to Michel VARNIER, the person in charge of sales in Paris and surroundings.
And we got to to test drive his car: it is a silver regular 3-seater version, 12 kWh battery pack, with 2500 km already

More on the Designers Days & the Customized Mia in this other post

Dashboard instrumentation close-up: Fully charged, 102 km estmated range, Eco Mode, odo: 2543 km

Nice clean dashboard: Drive/Neutral/Reverse all in one button, Warning lights, Eco Mode

Michel VARNIER with my son, showing the car

Mr VARNIER showing it to an old man wondering what it was

From the Desginer Days 'house

Here is the video of Mia's ancestor, Firendly, shot almost 3 years ago, in september 2009 at Paris cityhall
The design has been improved, but the original concept I liked from the beginning is still intact :-)

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