Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mia Electric Showroom in Paris IS OPEN !

Last saturday we had lunch close to this address so just a quick look as I started driving the LEAF and there it was: OPEN ! at last with a Mia parked outside; I quickly parked not too far to go inside with my son.
Michel VARNIER was there and in 10 minutes we saw some 2 or 3 couples coming inside and asking questions about the cars .... It is starting then I thought, people are interested in EVs :-)

Mia and LEAF in the background

With this Mia sticking out like this, you can't miss the Mia Store

A couple was turning around this Mia and then got inside and asked many questions 

Mia Paris : A Beauty :-)


The driver 

Leather dashboard

My shoes are a good match for this leather interior

Michel VARNIER, Mia Electric salesman for Paris

They really did a good job

Nice headlights

Chromes & flower logo

Leather seats and specific floor mats


3-seater, 4-seater, van versions of the Mia


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