Monday, June 11, 2012

LiFePO4 Energy Storage System - New 24V configuration - 3 Remote Controlled Grid Tie Inverters

As I announced at the end of my last video, I spent this sunday changing my System to its new 24V configuration and also changed the cells layout as you can see

The New interesting feature of my Energy Storage System is these 3 Remote Controlled Grid Tie Inverters ...

Long test of the New system

Following are all the transition pictures:

Disassembling the 48V battery pack

Testing new layout

That one would use less space on the floor and still give me full access to individual cells to monitor voltage once in a while

What took a long time was polishing (with sandpaper) the cupper bars linking the cells together: they have to be exempt of oxydation to conduct current well

Each time a group of 4 cells was finished (4 cells in parallel) I would connect it to the string (8 groups in series)

Second level ...

A 100A breaker is placed at mid-pack (on the right)

Battery pack fully assembled, Tyco Kilovac contactor bolted to the positive terminal, DC-DC 24V to 12V converter and dual relay programmable voltmeter connected

Now time to install the 3 Grid Tie Inverters I had in stock from previous tests (bottom to top: SUN 250G, SUN25G, SUN 300G)

And the positive terminals of the GTIs are connected to the switched 24V from the Kilovac contactor
The lower voltage limit (cut-off) on the voltmeter has been changed from 48V to 24V
I brought Wattson to see the effect of this New Energy Storage System on my home power consumption

Overall view of the finished system, remote controlled outlets / sockets included (left)

I can now control my Power Supply to the grid with the remote while I am upstairs or doing something else

Short test after mounting everything

In the morning light

The remote control and the 3 controlled outlets / sockets

Top view

Next setp tonight: I will be adding a small relay/contactor for the charger side; My new 24V charger (10A) is on its way from China and will arrive soon hopefully ...

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