Monday, June 25, 2012

LiFePO4 DIY ESS Update - Opening up Wattson

As you already know, my LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage & Power Supply System (BESPSS) is still manual, is getting better with a remote controlled step-up power output as shown in my previous post & videos, but I would like to automate it based on Wattson's reading, especially its net power usage (usage from the grid - generation)
If you activate the color feature, the back of Wattson glows RED when power usage is high, PURPLE when it is average, BLUE when it is less than average or small, and GREEN when the generation is greater than usage (you then have a negative reading) 

So this week end, in my attempt to get this color information from Wattson, I opened it to  locate the color LEDs and meseared few spots on the PCB to get the signal for generation mode (= GREEN LEDs on).

After removing the 4 rubbers pads, 4 screws are removed, and the back comes off

Negative reading when generation is higher than usage

I can get a good voltage varying when a LED is lit (between 1 to 4V for glowing effect) which could be used maybe with an Arduino board as an input signal and then some programming to trigger relays activating Grid Tie Inverters ...

No more GREEN light = usage is gnow greater than generation

There are 5 groups of 3 LEDs: RED, BLUE, and GREEN to make the different glowing colors (here PURPLE made of a mix of RED & BLUE)

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