Sunday, June 24, 2012

First 10 TESLA Model S delivered to customers - Live

Elon Musk and the whole Tesla team deliver the first 10 Model S to "regular" customers, live at 3:30PM PDT last friday

The whole Tesla team is here and 10 Model S are ready to go

California Governor Edmund G. Brown does a great speech about California leading the way in cleantech 

CEO Elon Musk; His goal: Making the best sedan ever, 100% Electric of course

The very first Model goes to Chicago, delivered to customer over there, the second one too, and the third one goes to Palo Alto (closer)

The 4th customer: Elon explains how the mini Model S looking remote control works

The 5th Model S customer is a woman, and she thanks everyone with a Champagne bottle

EV Grin: Big Achievment for Elon Musk, he must be happy and releaved

A very happy customer

Even hugs Elon Musk

Another one makes a speech to thank the crowd

Last one

Final photo: They did it !

Model S getting out of the building

That's all folks !

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