Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wattson Energy Meter & LiFePO4 Energy Storage System & Solar Charging

A video on several subjects:
- Wattson Energy Meter (here I replace the transmitor batteries because they are weak)
- LiFePO4 Energy Storage System: Discharging and the effect visible on Wattson
- Amateur Solar Generation & Storage
- Batteries & iPhone / iPod / iPad charging with this Solar Generation (special charger)

I promise I will do a video on this WATTSON Energy Meter only, explaining the basics:
- How to install
- How to use
- How to transfer data to a Mac or PC (not mandatory but interesting to make graphs on usage & generation)

To me it is the best energy meter on the market right now: Design, Simplicity, Easy Reading, Tracks Energy Generation

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