Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Out of order charge station for electric cars and trucks in Paris 7e Invalides

Last saturday, I tried this charge station close to Le Bon Marché / Invalides, but no luck: the 2 EV only spots in front of the charge station were available BUT the station itself was out of order ! No power at all, evn after passing my RFid badge in front off several times and pushing all the buttons...
Oh well I did not need to charge so much, and I go to park for 2 hours for free at least :-) 

PS: The interesting thing a bout this charge station is that it has 2 outlet for electric cars and 1 big (32A ?) for electric trucks

No display, and no power even if a little white note says "The station is running"

Big outlet for electric trucks: 

Free parking at least, and the spots are not ICEd (the sign is usefull here I guess):

And an Autolib passes by...

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