Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Non Autolib spot iced by Autolib !

Bad luck ! As I wanted to try my new Autolib scooter card, last sunday going to Marais in Paris, I went to an Autolib station where a third party EV charge spot is available; The first problem is that it was not, taken by an Autolib parked onto it ! ? How is it possible ? The scooter spot, just behind was available though ... but....
Second problem: I swipe my card on the RFid reader on the lid, and it glows RED, meaning probably that since the Autolib is plugged in and using the spot already, no opening of the lid is allowed until somebody rents this Autolib... So I can't even open this lid to get to the "Scooter" outlet where I want tot plug in !
I have to report this to Autolib as I must be among the first persons to experience these problems/bugs

Main screen, once card is swiped, gives no info about third party EV charge, except "Go to the spot and charge"; thank you but that's what I did but it won't open :-(

This spot on the right, is for third party EVS, not for Autolib car... (EV logo and no Autolib painted on the ground under the car)

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