Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LEAF - A full charge in Paris - 4 hours- 7 bars - CARWINGS snaps

Last saturday, we went to a great Japanese suhsi bar in Saint Germain des Prés, parking at this usual charge station on Rue de Rennes, coffee, then some shopping in the neighborhood, with Le Bon Marché, Conran Shop, time for ice-cream in the park with the kids, ...
As the LEAF's state of charge was a bit low, we took our time to fill it up, and below you will see snapshots of  the CARWINGS iPhone App -communicating via Nissan with the car- throughout the afternoon

Free parking

Free charging

After lunch


A great Le Corbusier exhibition @ Le Bon Marché

Conran shop

Some ice cream at the park with the kids

Walking back to the car

Leaving our spot after 4 hours of charge

Almost fully charged => 7 bars in 4 hours, not bad @ 10Amps with Nissan's EVSE

in Marais for some shopping

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