Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ICEd again at this usual underground pay parking Opera - Le Louvre

This is starting be pi** me off ! This parking I usually go to,close to Opera/Le Louvre, has 3 EV spots, but they are most of the time ICEd (= taken by non EVs); I went to talk to the parking manager and he said there is nothing he can do about it. I suggested him to place orange cones on each EV only spot to prevent ICE cars parking there, but he thinks it is useless, and that people will move them anyways ....


  1. Solution:

    In parking garage a ceiling mounted sign hanging over the entrance to the charging space at windshield level "EV CHARGE VEHICLES ONLY" but mount it on a remote activated retraction system. EV drivers will be required to purchase the remote to activate retraction. ICE drivers won't risk driving in because the sign will drag across the vehicle roof.

  2. Well, this is way too complex and costly; In a more recent post I reported that they put cones (as I recommended by email) to block access and it works


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