Thursday, May 17, 2012

I got my Autolib third party charge RFid card

Yesterday I subscribed online to a 15 EUR/year Electric Scooter Charge Plan: I will now be able to charge my Vectrix at certain Autolib stations offering a spot for Non-Autolib EV & Scooter (or third party charge)

Arrival at an Autolib station where you can get a card:

This is what the Autolib assistance system looks like: touch screen, webcams for video conferencing with online assistant, credit card terminal, RFid reader, ticket / card printing machine

The person who took my call was very professional & cute ;-)

And finally after paying the fee, a semi-rigid RFid badge/card is printed like a train ticket in a way:

Ready to go !


  1. thinking of getting this card as well - still unsure how common the non-autolib EV charging spots are. Also, do you need a plug converter in order to connect your vectrix ? I own a VX1-LI+ and my connector was damaged (sabotaged ?) once, so I only have the standard 230V wall outlet plug...
    thanks for your great blog, I just spent 2 hours on it :)

    1. Hi Claude,
      Thanks for your nice comment about my blog !
      I haven't tried since few months but many scooter / non Autolib spots had a problem not opening when I swiped my RFid badge, because there were not configured as non Autolib spots, but regular Autolib spots, and some would be used by Autolib / Blue Car. (See my others posts on this)
      As for my Vectrix, I also never had this adaptor / RV park plug, but a regular French 220V one, which is all you need when opening an Autolib third party scooter charging station: you will have access to a regular outlet


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