Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home of the Future | Fully Charged

Today Robert Llewellyn is visiting a victorian house full of interesting features ...

Robert Llewellyn looks at how to turn a house of the past, into a house of the future.

Robert Llewellyn speaks to Dan Taylor from BRE Innovation Park about technology and materials that can help save energy around the home. He then speaks to Elvin Nagamootoo about remote control heating.

Solar panels on the roof

EVSE : Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (not a charger, the real charger is onboard the Nissan LEAF)

Remotely controlled outlets (WiFi)

WiFi Hub to control outlets (I like these, I would be able to turn ON or OFF my Enrgy Storage System remotely with that, and much more ..)

Remote heating control (via internet, WiFi)

Set the temperature you would like to have when you come home

Voltage optimizer ... (save up to 10% by lowering the working voltage of your appliances)

Heat pump to heat and cool the house (I have to talk about mine BTW)

They did not talk about lighting ... but about water saving, insulation from the inside, etc
Very interesting s usual, thank you Robert ! 

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