Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First European DC Fast Charger offered by Nissan installed in France

Here it is ! The First DC Fast Charger out of the 400 Nissan is giving out in Europe has been installed in a supermarket in Haguenau, Alsace, France. It is the first step of a 6 DC Quick Chargers program called "Alsace Corridor Energetique"  in this French eastern region (All 6 chargers will be installed in Cora supermarket chain in this same region).

Obeying to Nissan's rules, the use of this CHAdeMO DCFC will be FREE for a year !

Alsace region has always played a leader role in France for EVs :
- It is one of the 2 regions in France matching the government incentive of 5,000 EUR (that makes 10,000 EUR of total rebate) for the purchase of an Electric Car
- Strasbourg, Alsace was the city choosen by Toyota and EDF to test the Prius Plugin for several years before it came out recently

More pictures on ChargeMap Facebook page

Cora Haguenau Supermarket

Ribbon cutting ceremony with Alsace Region, Nissan, Cora, and EDF representatives

Yoann NUSSBAUMER, Web entrepreneur and LEAF owner, was the first user of this DCFC

He developped a website called Chargemap to locate easily charge points and of course added this location

Yoann's LEAF charging :-)

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