Wednesday, May 30, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - May 25, 2012

"Hey hey hey, it must be Friday !" says Brian  :-)


- Cadillac Escalade Inertia Switch, Emergency Disconnect Knife Switch
- A123 13.3v Battery Module Design
- Helwig Brush Testing on Netgain Warp 9 Motor

Talking about the Model S coming out earlier than expected  (Jack has a reservation for one)

Electric Escalade: Jack shows us his simple & effective emergency battery pack breaker: a "knife" switch made of solid cupper bars

Jack is doing some more work of molding a 4s 8p A123 pouch cells battery pack

with liquid plastic and expanding foam 

the result is pretty nice ...

Damned ! Jack blew this brand battery pack by overcharging it ...   :-(

JAck & Brian are back on the test bench for more on the Helwig H60 brushes 

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