Monday, May 21, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - May 18, 2012

New episode of EVTV released yesterday:

- DC Motor brushes: testing split brush again old regular brush on a Netgain Warp 9
- A123 Battery pack- 7th version

Jack test his 7th A123 LiFePO4 pouch cells module configuation: 8 cells in parallel clamped with 2 of his home made clamping device, and 5 modules will go in the aluminum box

Bottom balancing  and Testing with a programmable automatic charge & discharge device mentionned in previous videos

Testing different brushes on the same motor and with the same battery pack to compare temperature on the commutator, RPM, watt/hour ,etc

The finding is incredible: A 13% gain with new Helwig H60 Red Top brushes compared to the original ones shipped with the motor !

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