Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Autolib third party EV charge spot taken by Autolib

Yesterday, coming back from work, I wanted to try charging my Vectrix scooter at an Autolib station allowing third party EV charge; I found it on Chargemap and it is pretty close to where I pass every night back from work; Another bad surprise: the third party EV spot was taken by an Autolib !

Other problem: I swipe my new Autolib card, and the light glows RED and the lid does not open ! meaning I can't caccess the scooter outlet to charge - I could always park behind or on hte sidewalk)

I had the same problem last sunday in Paris as I wanted to try my new Autolib card ... it is frustrating ! 

This last spot has an EV logo painted on the ground (under the car here), but without any "Autolib" inside it: that means it is a spot for third party EVs (car or/and scooter, the scooter spot being right behind the car spot); Here the scooter spot has not been painted ...

The proof is that this 220V outlet with "scooter" written on it is available; Luckily the lid wasn't closed because the cable was bloking it, so I had access to the "scooter" outlet (but once closed properly, it would not open again, not even by swiping my RFid card on the lid reader) 

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