Thursday, May 24, 2012

Autolib Suresnes - Third party EV charging - 2nd try

Yesterday, I went back to this Autolib station in Suresnes; Bad luck: this Autolib was still on this non-Autolib spot... but the lid was open, so I had a chance to plug in my Vectrix scooter

Vectrix plugged in the "SCOOTER" outlet 

and charging :-)

Like the day before, one spot remains vacant on the 6 total spots

still charging

10 minutes later, my battery pack shows 137V against 134V when I plugged in, and one more bar on the right gauge

The Autolib App on my iPhone shows 5 available Autolib cars 

Precisely 5 cars available, 1 parking spot (the one all the way upfront), and 0 third party EV charge spot : why ?

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  1. Hi there. I am from Malaysia and I have been following Autolib progress..very interesting but most of the information are not within my grasp as I dont understand French. Can we communicate through email personally as I really want to ask questions.



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