Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Parked & charging behind Paris cityhall & surprise when I came back

Monday, I went for a walk in Marais, a nice neighborhood to hang out, and parked at the back of Paris cityhall to charge as usual. When I came back, after few hours, another EV was there charging :-) It doesn't happen very often for now

Yes you can use an extension cord, I use one outside (with a waterproof connection box) and in my parking garage and never had any problem; it just has to be able to carry 10-11 Amps; this one is fine up to 16A

Carwings capture on my iPhone when I left the LEAF 

When I came back, a Citroen C-Zero (Mitsubishi i-Miev Citroen version) was plugged in and charging

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