Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mia Electric - Mia Red and Black Special Edition and Special Offer

Last saturday, we went to a green vehicle event taking place in Paris, in front of the 3rd district cityhall; To me the most interesting part was the Mia Electric was there to see in its latest version; But there was a surprise...

There is a great value propostion for the Mia until June 2012: 11,500 EUR for the 3-seater, and 12,500 EUR for the 4-seater version of the Mia "Red & Black" Special Edition (Red leather seats inside, black carbone-look outisde, red accessories); Take a look at the pricing in this second picture; Very cheap I think, a real bargain, I would just rent the battery pack for 4 years, at 49 EUR / month 

Kids love it, and dad too ;-)

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  1. c'est bon de voir que l'on partage la même vision... je vais demander au gens de mia de mettre votre vidéo en ligne sur leur site.


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