Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mastervolt Soladin 600 - Small Grid Tie Inverter

Mastervolt Soladin 600 : This is the grid tie inverter I choose for my solar project; It seams to be a reliable GTI (ingeneered in the NL), easy to use, just plug & play with 2 MC4 solar connectors and a 220V plug.

Small PV system GTI:

Input (DC):  
  Nominal power @25 °C: 550W
  PV power range: 160-700 Wp
  MPP voltage range: 45-125V DC
  Maximum voltage: 155V DC
  MPP current: 8A
  MPP tracker: dynamic MPP tracker
  Start-up power:  1W DC @ 45V DC

It gives a lot of feedback on what it is doing, with just with 2 LEDs (yellow and red) blinking or in solid state. It is also small and pretty lite with only 2 kg (a SMA 3000W inverter weights 32 kg !)

I got it from a MasterVolt official dealer, in France, on this website, for 370 EUR back in july 2011: 
I will get another one for my two arrays of Uni-Solar PVs.

Full documentation here: http://www.mysolarshop.co.uk/pdf/ManualSoladin600_080331ALL.pdf 


Key figures:

Lower back view: 

Side view:

Rather small, about the same size as the Chinese GTI used for my LiFePO4 Battery Bank Storage System:

User manual first page with drawing/diagram:

DC MC4 Solar connectors:

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  1. Price for the Soladin 600 has dropped below 300 euro's in september 2013.


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