Friday, March 9, 2012

My Vectrix VX1 Electric Scooter in video

This morning I started the day filming my daily use of my Vectrix electric scooter to show it to you:

Purchased half price used in sept 2010 with 18.000 km, I have used it now for about 10.000 km and I am loving it; It has great acceleration, very smooth, handles really well, and I get a lot of inquiries at the red light, at least once or twice a day from other bikers:

"Is it electric ?" , "What is the range with it ?", or "How long does it take to charge ?"
Some of them are really surprised to see how fast it can be and can not believe it is 'only' electric, they think there must be some gas involved and ask usually: "It is electric only ?" (thinking it is an hybrid bike)
I am always happy to give some information about it and it is actually very friendly among bikers

It is powerful with a 20.000 W motor, a 3,7 KWh NiMH, aluminum chassis, has famous Brembo brakes, Sachs shocks, ... really well engineered (in the USA)

One of the great things about this scooter is that you can use only your right hand to accelerate and decelerate (regenerating then power back into the batteries) thanks to its unique and patented handle system called DAaRT :

It can be purchased new at the Paris Vectrix Store, the official representative of the brand in France: Vectrix Store Paris

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