Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Parked for free at La Defense @ an old EV charge station

Yesterday, I had to go to La Defense for some shoppign on my way back from work
Every time I have to go there, instead of looking for a spot or using one of these huge undergound pay parkings, I just go to this old charge station at the street level 

This must be an old charge station from the mid nineties (same period as the green ones I use in Paris), and is not used /useable anymore; On the screen a message says "Borne indisponible" and its plug is an old connector called Marechal, used in the nineties too (see pictures below)

In case I get a ticket I can contest showing that I am an electric vehicle parked on an EV only spot 

The Marechal connector used on a Citroen Electric Saxo:

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