Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nissan LEAF free charging in Paris

Every saturday, I usually go have lunch in Paris
With the LEAF, I can park easily on the street, for free (I use to pay be 3,6 Euros per hour in this Saint Germain neighborhood), and I can charge also for free :-) thanks to Paris Cityhall
They installed these charging stations back in the mid 90's when the first wave of electric cars arrived in France; To be able to use them, you just need to show the car or scooter registration, showing it is using only electricity to run, and you get a free RFiD card that allows you to use any of the 4 outlets to charge, and there are usually 2 spots reserved for electric cars and 4 or 5 for electric scooters
I can use these charging spots even if I am not a real parisian but living in Boulogne, a city next to Paris

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