Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just started this Blog, Welcome !

I am starting this blog to share my Actions / Ideas towards reducing my carbon footprint using Electrity in my day to day life
This Blog is called MyELifeNow which stands for " My Electric Life Now ", because I think we should not wait any longer to go ahead and use cleaner transportation means such as Electric cars and scooters, use low consumption heating systems, lighting devices, produce some electricity localy and do it Now, or as soon as possible
There are many Things people can do to get out of oil addiction, and I would like to share with you what I did; If I did it you probably can do it too, and most of all it is not boring but a lot of fun !

In this blog, I will try to show you in details:
- Nissan LEAF, a great Japanese electric car
- Vectrix VX1, an American electric scooter, very powerfull and reliable
- E-Solex, an electric version a the famous French motor bicycle

- My experience with lighting my apartment and building/condo using only LEDs over the last 5 years
- DAIKIN Inverter heat pump installation and use to heat and cool my apartment
- Uni-Solar flexible solar panels installation and electricity production used directly at home (not sold)
- A home built LiFePO4 4Kwh battery storage system to store solar production surplus and use it whenever I need electricity
- A great Energy Meter that just shows you real time how much your home is consuming (very effective)
- and more ...

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