Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just saw Carlos Ghosn and his daughter in Paris

It happened just before Geneva Motor Show and I thought I would share this because it is not common:

Like every saturday for lunch, we were on our way to a good Japanese restaurant (udon) close le Louvre in Paris.

As we were a bit stuck in rue Saint Honoré, a busy street with a lot of luxurious fashion stores, my son goes: "Who is this guy ? I know he's famous and I've seen him before", so we look to the sidewalk, there was Carlos Ghosn, along with one of this daughters, discretly showing her our car (the LEAF); I waved at them from inside the car, and he had a light smile on his face, so did her daughter and she waved back at us with a big smile :-) which was kind of nice from her
It is not much, but I thought and told my wife and kids, that this CEO of Nissan & Renault had a lot to do with us being able to have this great electric car !

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