Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free EV Auto Loan Proposal received !

As posted this week, a French loan company called Sofinco (let's name them) has released a free car loan for EVs only from march 15th to march 26th, to borrow up to 11,999 EUR over 24 months period.
So I tried thursday night, somebody told me I was the first person to call for this specific loan, and had to ask more information to her manager; She asked me the exact make and model of the car and said it was eligible (good !), then we went through the usual loan process, and she finally sent me the contract
I just received it today and here are some photos of the main parts :

Amount of the loan = 11,999 EUR (the maximum) :

APR = 0% (pretty nice and rare) :

I will provide all the documents they want and send everything back ASAP, and keep my fingers crossed ...

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