Friday, March 9, 2012

First Test Drive with the NISSAN LEAF back in sept 2010 at the ParisAuto Show

I had the chance to drive this "Mule" LEAF, hand made in Japan from ground up at Nissan just to demo the new car around the world (4 of them existed at this time and each of them was worth 1 million euro !)

The feeling was great, but I was very carefull not to damage this expensive piece of enginering ....

Thanks to my 8 yo son for filming

BTW I found this video from Fullycharged Show and this is the guy from Nissan UK who was kind enough to let us test drive the car this day; I was told at the show that the bookings were off for the day, and talking to him about this video of him I had seen, he let us drive  :-)

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