Friday, March 30, 2012

Electric Taxi in Marseille, France - Love this video

This guy is an Electric Cab Driver (for a day only, too bad) in Marseille, the second largest city in France, located in the south & by the sea, close to French Riviera

The funny thing is that he's only charging the cost of electricity to his customers, so he's asking like 6 cents, 10 cents, ... and they all look astonished when they hear the price to pay at the end of their journey :-)

This will come true one day I'm sure, electric taxis, with the help of few Quick Chargers of course

A really cool video !


  1. Taxi Electrique - Super !

    I know there are public charging stations in Paris (at least, I think they are public) - but what about other cities in France - do they have public charging infrastructure?

    1. Yes some of them, it varies a lot depending on the major's interest in EVs; for example Nice (French Riviera ghas a lot and a EV sharing program. You can have a look at each city in detail on Chargemap:


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