Friday, March 16, 2012

Autolib station in Saint Ouen next to L'OREAL & Nokia is now up and running

During lunch break, I took some time to go see this new Autolib EV rental station:
It is now up and running, all 6 charging ports are locked with a green light on top, and the central booking unit is ON, its webcam, ID /License scanner, booking touch screen, and  a big blue light on top
Actually this blue light on top of this main unit is to signal that this station is accepting third party EVs for charging: Autolib has set up some stations with ports including an additional 220V regular outlet to plug in any EV (electric scooter, electric car with a trickle charge EVSE, etc); You have to pay 180 EUR for a year and you can charge, using an Autolib car spot, for up to 2 hours only though
=> I think this is great because it just that multiplies the overall number of charging stations in Paris + surrounding cities  :-)

PS: I will soon include a vidéo [here] as soon as I can get a WiFi connection (from home tonight I guess)

Waiting for the cars.....

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